I am an 'integrative' therapist, which means I can use a variety of therapeutic styles and tools to help you. 

We might look at the impact of your childhood on your adult life, and at unconscious processes that are influencing how you behave now - this way of doing things is rooted in the 'psychodynamic' approach to therapy.

Using a 'humanistic' approach, we might work on helping you find solutions to your problems within yourself, learning to trust your intuition and write your own story.

CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy - is very much in use in the NHS at the moment and we might use some techniques from this therapy style to help you address any negative thought patterns you might have and to cope better day to day. 

I also draw on an 'existential' perspective, recognising that we are all human beings facing the same fundamental challenges of life, death, love and meaning.

Overall, the therapy will always be warm, empathetic, non-judgemental and boundaried, aiming to create a safe space for you to explore the things that are troubling you.
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